Comply Systems is pleased to announce an industry first service to it's customers and partners that integrates identified instances of possible fraud with a real world investigative response.
By utilizing Comply Systems' comprehensive Anti-Fraud Strategic Consulting Services (AFSCS), customers will receive expert guidance that will enable staff to take instances of suspected Tax ID and License fraud identified by Comply Systems' Fraud Alert feature and convert them into viable investigations.

At the request of the customer, Comply Systems will provide the necessary expertise and investigative know-how to analyze the data and convert findings into a comprehensive package that can then be submitted to internal management in support of an insured's termination-for-cause in the event of fraud, and to regulators or law enforcement when collusion between the insured and the billing agency/providers is identified.

Whether dealing with a regulator or a state/federal law enforcement agency Comply Systems aims to help our customers maximize the value of DCAL's robust anti-fraud features.